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If I don’t live in the DC area, can I still work with you?

You sure can. We are based in Silver Spring, MD, but we work nationally.

What else can you do for me?

In addition to advisory services, The Haney Company also offers comprehensive services to individuals, families, business owners, and associations, including employee benefit packages, small business consulting, property & casualty insurance, life insurance, disability, long-term care, college funding and more. Send us an email if you have something specific in mind!

Can we meet virtually?

Absolutely. We do most of our meetings virtually. Our clients are very busy, so we utilize the latest technology in our practice to maximize time and efficiency for their sakes.

How much money do I need to get started?

This is a platform built to meet you where you are and grow with you overtime. The earlier you start planning for your financial future, the better. If you’re low on funds because you’re investing in yourself or your business, good for you. If you don’t have much money because you’re just getting started, that’s fine too. We don’t require a minimum! As you begin your career and start thinking about your goals, we can be there in your corner to help along the way. Being fee only inherently means there are certain people you can’t work with. We eliminate that by offering various options so no one gets left out.

Non-Subscription Extras

(in case you need them)

Full Financial Plan

$2,500 one-time fee

Comprehensive Envision Plan including sophisticated investment, insurance, and estate planning recommendations

Project-Based and Consulting


Simple Account Help

Commission-based brokerage options available in lieu of an advisory relationship. Common examples can be setting up an IRA, SoloK, or other type of investment account. This is usually for individual needs or alternative investments like DSTs, etc., and may result in less money out of your pocket over time.