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Sometimes You Just Want Advice

Your money, your way!

Love using online tools and trading platforms to save and invest? Looking to take the next step towards controlling your money to build wealth for your future? Not sure you need a “full time” financial advisor, but might like some advice and support along the way? As a young professional, you have a lot going for you and a good head on your shoulders. You may not need a full-blown advisory relationship, but you don’t want to be taking shots in the dark either. Just having someone in your corner you can call when something comes up can sometimes be the difference between a good decision and a bad one, or a good trajectory and a great one.

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How we can help.

We offer a technology-first approach that allows you to grow your money your way. Using our market-`leading wealth platform, it starts by helping you put the financial puzzle pieces together and chart a course for personal growth. You also can decide on the level of additional advisory support that you feel works best. We are always behind the scenes regardless of what amount of support you prefer, and you can always upgrade to get more help as needed along the way.

Financial Empowerment

If you enter into an advisory relationship with us, you will have access to our Financial Empowerment App, where you can log in to your personal financial website from your computer or mobile device. In the app, you can easily add, personalize, and track your financial goals. You will have real-time access to all your information including investments, budgets and spending, a vault for all your important documents, and connected accounts from other financial institutions across the country. You can also share this information with your attorney, CPA, and other specialists so together we can all collaborate to ensure you have the best team in your corner.

The Haney Company

“The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms.”

– Chris Brogan